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Our Story

Stellar Ink is a contract decorator specializing in athletic team apparel and accessories. Our team has been together since the early 80's. Back in 1987 we decided to add screen print and embroidery to our team sales business to control the quality and delivery our sales team could provide customers. We had an iMac, a velum printer and some clip art we picked up at a trade show on a floppy disc along with a Nu-Arc exposure unit that took up the entire screen room. We purchased a new M&R dryer and picked up a couple of used Hopkins manual presses to get started. Our method for printing numbers at the time was to cut paper stencils. Today printing numbers still remains a big part of our business but with more sophisticated equipment.


We started printing the summer of ’87 in a converted cold storage building around the clock to meet the needs of our customers.Thirty plus years later our team’s commitment to deliver Quality, Value and Service has not changed. We still offer screen print and embroidery, the cornerstones of our business along with sublimation, digital fusion, patches and banners. Our art department has some of the latest software available that let's us help design your brand and product message the way you envision it.


Today Stellar Ink works with some of the coolest brands out there to help tell their story. We never forgot our heritage though and continue to service the athletic team market behind the scene. We work with manufacturers, brands and dealers to help tell their story and exceed their standards for quality and service. We live on relationships developed every day through integrity and honesty.


Stellar Ink is located in Southern California where it’s always sunny.  We encourage our customers to stop by when in the area and meet our team, learn the process and see why we continue to build relationships with happy customers every day.  

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