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Custom Lables and Stickers

Stellar Ink offers custom labels and stickers that will drive a positive impression and instant brand recognition. Several materials are available depending on your application needs from paper to film available in rolls or cut sheets.


Let Stellar Ink help you create the right product for your project. Contact us now to get your online store set up. 

  • Matte White Paper Classic finish offers a smooth, non-glossy surface that's perfect and practical for almost any packaging application. 

  • Glossy White Paper Photo-quality finish makes graphics pop and text sharper while adding a premium shine to products and packaging. 

  • Removable White Paper Premium glossy or matte label stock features a removable adhesive that leaves no messy residue behind.  

  • Silver Metallic Paper (waterproof) Metalized material adds a polished sheen that reflects light and provides a high-quality look to products and packaging. 

  • White Film BOPP Polypropylene (waterproof)White film withstands harsh conditions and is great for food & beverage or health & beauty packaging. 

  • Removable White Film (waterproof)White film material, available in matte or glossy finish, withstands harsh conditions but removes easily with no messy residue. 

  • Clear Film BOPP Polypropylene (waterproof)Clear film virtually disappears when applied and provides a printed-on look to bottles, jars and more. 

  • Chrome Film BOPP Polypropylene (waterproof)Chrome film material adds a shiny, mirror-like finish to premium packaging and specialty items. 

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